• OPCC 14-2020

    Total spend on Public Relations in each of the last 5 years by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

  • OPCC 41-2018

    Request for information on funding for hate crime reporting centres

  • Opcc 12-2018

    Information on budget for the costs associated with commissioning Violence Against Women and Girls services

  • OPCC 001-2018

    A request for information on how many grants were awarded to organisations in which at least one of the outcomes was to provide services to victims of stalking.

  • OPCC 86-2017

    A request for information on the name of the company which supplies the premises with electricity and gas and the cost of our last annual energy bill.

  • OPCC 83-2017

    A request for information on how much money has the Commissioner saved, since his election in May 2016, by not appointing a deputy Commissioner and where is this money being used.

  • OPCC 75-2017

    A request for information on the costing in police staff time and vehicle mileage/maintenance in the escorting of the abnormal load convoys for the Brechfa West wind farm. Information on whether the wind farm developer, RWE Innogy has been invoiced for the full cost and whether they have paid.

  • OPCC 76-2017

    A request for information for a list of all expenditure for the last 3 financial years from money retained by Dyfed Powys force from the Proceeds of Crime Act.

  • OPCC 69-2017

    A request for information on the budget for running costs for the PCC Office.

  • OPCC 67-17

    Road Safety Scheme Grant: A request for information regarding PCC's decision to invest £335,000 on road safety initiatives, and subsequent grant expenditure

  • OPCC 55-17

    PFI: A request for information on budget allocation / expeniture on PFI / PF2

  • OPCC 52-17

    Legally Qualified Chairs: A request for the Force's expenditure on LQC

  • OPCC 33-16

    Chief Officer Payments: A request for information r.e. Chief Officer payments.

  • OPCC 36-16

    Copier paper: A request for the price paid per number of reams of copier paper purchased during 2015/16

  • OPCC 25-16

    DPP's Financial Position: A request for info on DPP's financial position for 2014/15 and 2015/16 - whether it is in surplus or deficit, and its gross assets and liabilities.

  • OPCC 23-16

    Royal Welsh Show: Follow up request to OPCC 15-16 - whether the PCC signed the matrix, when the matrix was created, and request for copies of emails between PCC & any party about charging/not charging.

  • OPCC 17-16

    PCC Vehicle: A request for information about the OPCC vehicle.

  • OPCC 16-16

    Pool Car: A request for information re. the use of the OPCC pool car.

  • OPCC 15-16

    Royal Welsh Show: Linked to OPCC 12-16. Request for a copy of the documentation recording the PCCs assertion that the RWS falls into the ) charge rate.

  • OPCC 10-16

    OPCC Spend: A request for information about OPCC spend on temporary staff, hospitality, office redecoration, travel expenses.

  • OPCC 6-16

    OPCC Costs: A request for information about the running costs of the OPCC in years 2014/15 and 2015/16

  • OPCC 4-16

    Commissioning Framework and Resources: A request for information about the OPCC's commissioning Framework and Resource allocation.

  • OPCC 161-15

    Personal Use Cars: A request for information about provision of vehicles for the personal use of the PCC, DPCC and OPCC staff.

  • OPCC 157-15

    PCC Cuts: Information about PCC cuts and spending.

  • OPCC 137-15

    Home Office PCC correspondence: Information about PCC/Home Office correspondence relating to concerns about budget cuts.