• OPCC 12-18

    A request for information about PCC budget for violence against women and girls services.

  • OPCC 66-17

    Sexual violence/ domestic violence services: A request for information about PCC expenditure on services for victims, sexual violence and domestic violence.

  • OPCC 64-17

    Support for victims of rape and sexual assualts: A request for information regarding funding and waiting lists.

  • OPCC 49-17

    Domestic violence and abuse commissioned services: A request for detailed information on commissioned services for survivors of domestic violence and abuse.

  • OPCC 9-16

    Grants - Victims of Stalking: A request for information about Grants provided to services that help victims of stalking.

  • OPCC 1-16

    Human Trafficking/ Modern Slavery: A request for information about PCC funding and prioritisation of human trafficking/ modern slavery.

  • OPCC 155-15

    Sexual Violence Support: Contracts awarded through the commissioning of sexual violence/abuse services.