Current Projects

Here are some of my key projects which will help make communities around Dyfed-Powys safer places to live and work.

Actions taken and decisions made before May 2016 were the responsibility of my predecessor, the 2012-16 Police and Crime Commissioner.

Process Mapping

The Board has approved the Terms of Reference for a joint service review to be taken forward by key partners, based on the recommendations resulting from the Kelvin Connect report. This contains a number of… Read more about Process Mapping >

Victim Services

A comprehensive update on progress of commissioned victims’ services was provided at the December Policing Accountability Board meeting. As demonstrated in the Policing Accountability Report in January 2016, the current service has proved very successful…. Read more about Victim Services >

Live Links

Dyfed-Powys Police are due to be a pilot force for Internet Based Video and will feedback results to the Board when available. Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service national reform programme places a significant emphasis… Read more about Live Links >

Dyfed Powys Criminal Justice Board

The Board’s current priorities will be reviewed at the March meeting to assess whether they remain fit for purpose and to incorporate any additional areas for future planning. See: Accountability Report, March 2016

Road safety

Four new road safety schemes have been funded with the aim of reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured on the roads of Dyfed-Powys. Three will inspire better road behaviour and attitudes amongst… Read more about Road safety >

Alcohol Liaison

The funding has been utilised to establish Alcohol Liaison Services in Bronglais, Prince Philip and Glangwili hospitals. A total of 300 patients have been seen by the alcohol liaison nurses, resulting in 142 referrals to… Read more about Alcohol Liaison >

Public Engagement

The Commissioner has five Your Voice Days planned for early 2016. A communications plan formulated with Dyfed-Powys Police is in place as the Estates Strategy is rolled out. Around 10,000 responses were received to questions… Read more about Public Engagement >

Call Centre Review

The review has been completed. The review team will report to the Commissioner week commencing November 9. See: Accountability Report, Nov 2015


A communication plan was drawn up for the recent announcement that a new air service agreement had been reached between the Commissioner, the police force and NPAS. It targeted the local media and dovetailed with… Read more about NPAS >


The Estate has undergone a full Condition Survey review which has formed a 10-year investment plan for each property. The 2014 property review recommendations have been progressing. Numerous collaborative projects with the Fire Service and Local… Read more about Estate >


The Commissioner maintains three volunteer schemes that assist him in scrutinising the Force in certain areas of policing. These are the Independent Custody Visiting (ICV) Scheme, the Animal Welfare Scheme and the Residents’ Panel. See:… Read more about Volunteers >

Media Monitoring

The office has developed strong relationships with local media. A new media monitoring system will shortly track the outcomes of media releases, responses and statements; this has been arranged in partnership with the police force… Read more about Media Monitoring >

Your Voice Days

The Commissioner places considerable importance on ensuring an open door policy for the public to gain access to him. From February to June 2015, the Commissioner held Your Voice Days in seven locations. Activity included… Read more about Your Voice Days >

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