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Dyfed Powys Police cares about you, we are committed to providing a professional service at all times.  Our officers and staff are ambassadors for the force.  They are encouraged to be proud of the service they provide to the public.  We are sorry if you were not completely satisfied with the service you received.  We want to tell us why you are unhappy and how we could improve our service to stop this happening again.  We value feedback – both positive and negative – as this helps us to identify the things we do well, but equally it helps us to identify the areas we need to improve.   Please take a moment to complete the form below.

We welcome reports of dissatisfaction and satisfaction in Welsh or English.  Our service is fully bilingual and we strive to provide the highest standards to our customers in either language.

Here are some details on how the team works. Contact them by completing this form, by email or by phone – 01267 226044.

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