Feedback is important to us, both positive and negative, as this helps us to identify the things we do well, but equally it helps us to identify the areas where we need to improve.

Compliments recognise the positive impact officers and staff have on our communities. Once received these are followed up with the respective line management team.

Concerns help us to understand the issues that matter to you. We hope you don’t have cause to complain. However, if you do, we want to resolve it as quickly as possible for you.

What is your concern or compliment about?

Complaints in relation to Police Officers/Staff below the rank of Chief Constable are considered by Dyfed Powys Police.

One of the key statutory responsibilities of the Police and Crime Commissioner is to deal with formal complaints received against the Chief Constable (former or current). The Commissioner must record the complaint and provide a reasonable and proportionate response.

If you wish to complain against the Chief Constable you can do so in one of the following ways:

  • Email:
  • By Post: OPCC, PO Box 99, Llangunnor, Carmarthen, SA31 2PF

Please Note: In order to make a complaint against the Chief Constable, you must be eligible to be a complainant. This is defined by the legislation as someone who has directly witnessed the incident or who is directly affected by it. Complaints can be raised by other people on their behalf, but only with their written consent. Therefore, if you are not directly affected, or were not present at the incident that you have concerns about, you cannot use the police complaints system to make your concerns known. You can still make your concerns known to the OPCC or police force as part of general feedback. Further detail explaining eligibility can be found in the Independent Office for Police Conduct Statutory Guidance:

There is a slightly different process to follow when complaining about the Police & Crime Commissioner. In accordance with the provisions that are contained in the Elected Local Policing Bodies (Complaints and Misconduct) Regulations 2012, the Police & Crime Panel deals with any complaints about the Police and Crime Commissioner.

If you wish to complain about the Police and Crime Commissioner, please contact the Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Panel.


Complaints made against the Chief of Staff should be made direct to the Police and Crime Commissioner.

These will be dealt in accordance with our policy. You can submit your complaint via email to or in writing to Police and Crime Commissioner, PO BOX 99, Llangunnor, Carmarthen, SA31 2PF. Alternatively you can ring the office on 01267 226440.

Complaints about members of staff in the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) should be directed to the Chief of Staff the OPCC via email:  or in writing to OPCC, PO Box 99, Llangunnor, Carmarthen SA31 2PF.  Alternatively you can ring the office on 01267 226440. These will be dealt with in accordance with our policy. 

Community Trigger Appeal

(Section 104, ASB Crime & Police Act 2014)

 Community Trigger Appeal Form

If an Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) victim(s) is not content with the response that they have received from the Dyfed Powys Anti-Social Behaviour Group, a community trigger can be escalated to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) where one of the following measures is satisfied:



  1. The decision provided outlining why the case did not meet the threshold for a Community Trigger Review has failed to provide sufficient detail to understand why a review did not take place
  2. The community trigger review has failed to consider a relevant process, policy or protocol;
  3. The community trigger review has failed to consider relevant factual information.Please Note: During a case review, the use of a particular enforcement tool may have been considered. When considering the facts and relevant protocols, it may have been determined that it would not be appropriate to utilise that enforcement tool. If an enforcement tool has been considered and the outcome explained to the ASB victim, then a community trigger review cannot be escalated to the OPCC because the ASB victim is dissatisfied with the outcome of the decision concerning the enforcement tool.The role of the OPCC will be to consider due process and ensure that Dyfed Powys Anti-Social Behaviour Group has properly and effectively undertaken a review. In considering a community trigger escalation the OPCC can either:Outcome: 
  1. Uphold the appeal and refer the case back to the Dyfed Powys Anti-Social Behaviour Group asking them to consider a particular process, policy or protocol not previously considered;
  2. Uphold the appeal, outlining the relevant factual information that has not been considered by the Dyfed Powys Anti-Social Behaviour Group when reaching their decision;
  3. Not Uphold the appeal i.e. Determine that the Dyfed Powys Anti-Social Behaviour Group has reviewed the case by considering all relevant factual information, policies, process and protocols satisfactory in line with its Community Trigger Procedure and reached an informed decision.The appeal process will essentially be a desk top review and will not involve hearings or meetings with victim(s). Should the victim wish to invoke the Appeal procedure, this request should be made directly to the OPCC within 28 days of receiving the community trigger application outcome from the Dyfed Powys Anti-Social Behaviour Group. All relevant paperwork together with the grounds for the appeal (i.e. why measures 1, 2 or 3 have not been met) need to be submitted. The Commissioner’s office will undertake the appeal and let the victim(s) know the outcome (either 1, 2 or 3 above) as soon as possible, and in any case within 30 working days.

Please Note: The OPCC decision is final and cannot be appealed

The OPCC’s role in relation to a ‘Request for Review’ of a complaint following the outcome provided by the Professional Standards Department (PSD), does not include reinvestigating your complaint, however it does include impartially considering the following:


  1. Whether your request for a review was valid
  2. Whether the outcome of your complaint was reasonable and proportionate
  3. Any recommendations that should be made to the Force as a result of the handling and/or outcome of your complaint


OPCC Review Form

Using this form Please use this form if you are unhappy about the outcome of your complaint.

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) must receive your request for a review within 28 days from the day after the date stated on your outcome letter from Dyfed Powys Police. For example, if your letter is dated 1st April, you have to make sure we receive your request for a review by 29th April.

Accessibility If it is difficult for you to use this form or this service, for example, if English is not your first language or you have a disability, then please contact us on the contact details provided below:

Telephone:      01267 226440


If you require any adjustments to support you through the review system, please outline these below. For example, if you have a visual impairment, you may require a written responses in larger text.

What happens to the information in my review form? The information you provide on this form will be entered into our systems. We may also need to pass the details of your review to Dyfed Powys Police Force and/or an Independent Reviewer who will consider your review and make recommendations to the Police and Crime Commissioner. Please Note: All of the contents of this form (including your equality and diversity information) may be passed to both Dyfed Powys Police Force and the Independent Reviewer.

If you have any concerns about your information being passed to the police or you require further information about how your data will be handled, please call us on 01267 226440.

For information about how we handle your personal information, please read our privacy notice at:

Where to send this review form Please submit your completed form to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC), contact details provided below:


Address:         Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Commissioner, PO Box 99, Llangunnor, Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire, SA31 2PF

Dyfed Powys Police and Crime Commissioner

OPCC Review Form