03 Aug 2016

More than 20 initiatives are to benefit from an £85,000 grants donation by Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner Dafydd Llywelyn. Photos

They include a Ceredigion project which receives £5,000 to host activities for hard-to-reach vulnerable young people and a Pembrokeshire scheme which will target difficulties such as rogue traders, phone scams and cyber fraud.

Others include a Carmarthenshire initiative helping men who have experienced domestic abuse and a Powys scheme which receives £5,000 to help those who are vulnerable or isolated.

The fourth round of assistance from the Commissioner’s Fund offered grants of up to £5,000 for charities, voluntary organisations and community groups to develop ideas that have a positive impact on the area they serve.

Mr Llywelyn hopes the scheme will help improve the lives of the people across the region.

He said: “I’m delighted that we’ve been able to offer grants totalling £84,953. This will help improve the lives of the people in communities across the region.

“I congratulate those connected with the successful submissions. I thank all those who worked so hard on their submissions to the fourth round of Commissioner’s Fund grants.”

Mr Llywelyn believes that strong communities help residents feel safe and secure.

The Commissioner’s Fund is funded by the proceeds of crime awarded to the police and from the sale of unclaimed found property.

Community projects were not nominated by the public or organisations but by frontline police officers and Dyfed-Powys Police staff. They were approved by senior officers who assessed applications against criteria such as the need for the project and the numbers to benefit.


CASE STUDIES Successful Bids

Total funds allocated £84,953.05


Stop it Now! Wales from the Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Counties: Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Powys

Child sexual exploitation (CSE) awareness £5,000

This funding will see CSE awareness sessions delivered to parents and carers across Dyfed-Powys. They will explain what CSE is and will discuss how to recognise the signs, the methods of grooming, the myths and the impact on children. There will be guidance on keeping children safe online.


Pembroke Street Pastors

Counties: Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Powys

Response Pastors £3,700

This funding will enable Pembroke Street Pastors to provide training for Response Pastors across Dyfed-Powys and beyond. This is a new Ascension Trust initiative for Wales and only recently launched across the UK. Response Pastors can be called 24/7 in conjunction with emergency services to provide support and compassion to the public in the event of a crisis or disaster.


Tanyard Youth Project

Counties: Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire, Powys

Film for young people £5,000

This funding will help the Tanyard Youth Project produce a 20-minute film to be seen across Dyfed-Powys. It will highlight the unintended negative impacts of some behaviour by young people, will be driven by the views of young people and will help prevent future incidents.



Counties: Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire

Counselling for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse £5,000

This funding will help Seren provide free, confidential, specialist counselling to adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Small teams of counsellors deliver the service to clients who self refer or are referred by a variety of agencies, including drug and alcohol services, the probation service and mental health services.


Carmarthen & West Wales Group Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)

Counties: Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire

Advanced motoring courses £4,000

This funding will help IAM offer subsidised courses to 25 motorists and 25 motorcyclists all aged under 25. This may develop peer pressure among young motorists to achieve advanced road skills - and help reduce the Dyfed-Powys collision rate.


Age Cymru Sir Gar

County: Carmarthenshire

Garden tidy-ups £4,850

This funding will help sustain a tidy-up service provided to vulnerable Carmarthenshire people aged 50-plus. It will replace equipment used by the probationers who do the work. Age Cymru Sir Gar works with the National Probation Service Wales to ensure that any risk of probationers working in the community is minimised.


Ail Gyfle - Second Chance Social Enterprise

County: Carmarthenshire

Community Gardens £4,979

This funding will help Ail Gyfle, a social enterprise run by the Antioch Centre, deliver a community gardens project in Carmarthenshire. This will see ex–offenders and referred volunteers make compost bins, planters and garden furniture for third sector groups such as the Bwlch Youth Centre, The Wallich and women’s aid agencies.



County: Carmarthenshire

Art and technology for children £4,750

This funding will help SPLAT Cymru provide summer holiday art and technology activities for children aged five-11 in Llwynhendy, Llanelli. Focuses will include the negative impact of fly tipping and the benefits of strong relationships between local police and local young people.


Carmarthen Domestic Abuse Services (CDAS)

County: Carmarthenshire

Men’s support group £4,957.12

This funding will help CDAS set up a one-day-a-week male support group, with training and bespoke activities. It will help CDAS reach out to more of those males who have experienced domestic abuse; along with supporting women, they have been supporting men for several years.


Cwmamman Volunteer Group

County: Carmarthenshire

Linking the generations £3,900

This funding will help the Cwmamman Volunteer Group deliver 20 two-hour workshops bringing together young people (aged 11-18) and older people (55+). Proposed topics include woodworking, new technology and storytelling. The aim is to remove perceived barriers between generations.


Trimsaran Village Forum

County: Carmarthenshire

Activities for young people £4,980

This funding will help the Trimsaran Village Forum hold a programme of summer activities to encourage participation in sports and other activity for those aged 5-15. It will help work towards the reintroduction of a local youth club and will help tackle antisocial behaviour.


Ammanford Talking News

County: Carmarthenshire

Audio newspaper £451.93

This funding will help in the running of Ammanford Talking News, an audio newspaper for the blind, partially sighted, vulnerable people and general public. It has more than 190 regular listeners, each receiving a free monthly electronic edition. Local police officers use it to help inform vulnerable individuals and others.


Carmarthenshire Water Safety Partnership

County: Carmarthenshire

Life-saving activity £5,000

This funding will help the Carmarthenshire Water Safety Partnership take its life-saving messages to youth clubs and schools near waterways. Members plan to host a public awareness raising event, hold education and training sessions, buy life buoys and fund a series of swimming lessons for dads and children.


Ty Enfys Family Centre

County: Carmarthenshire

Family activities £4,192.20

This funding will allow Ty Enfys to take families on educational and activity days during the school holidays. The activity will particularly help those with little disposable income or confidence to travel. It will help reduce reoffending and will encourage children to be a positive influence within the community.


Llywnhendy Brownies

County: Carmarthenshire

Fun for girls £800

This funding will help meet running costs and the purchase of new equipment for the 1st Llwynhendy Brownie group. Brownies allows girls aged seven-11 to have fun and develop skills. It encourages happiness, wellbeing and confidence, creating a positive impact on the community.


Penparcau Community Forum

County: Ceredigion

Activities for young people £5,000

This funding will help Penparcau Community Forum create a programme of activities for hard-to-reach vulnerable young people. The scheme will build self-esteem and confidence by allowing participants to experience activities not normally accessed by young people from disadvantaged areas.


Solva Care

County: Pembrokeshire

Stay Safe Stay Connected £4,635

This new project will improve local knowledge of crime prevention measures. It will focus on vulnerable people particularly at risk from rogue traders, phone scams and cyber fraud. There will be a newsletter, crime prevention sessions for volunteers and meet-the-police sessions for vulnerable people and carers.


Milford Youth Matters

County: Pembrokeshire

Friday night activities £5,000

This funding will help Milford Youth Matters continue its Friday night project which engages with young people – aged 14-18 - who do not access any other local youth provision. It encourages positive community activities and works to prevent antisocial behaviour.


The VC Gallery

County: Pembrokeshire

Art for young people £1,728

This funding will help Haverfordwest’s VC Gallery work with youth projects to provide art activities for young people, keeping them creatively engaged. Areas of focus will include basic art sessions, skate park planning and photography.


Brecon Street Pastors

County: Powys

Night-time safety £2,029.80

This funding will help launch the Brecon Street Pastors scheme. This will see volunteers provide care and assistance to all - especially young people and those who are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs - usually on weekends or late at night. There are 24 pastors from 12 churches.


Age Cymru Powys

County: Powys

Support for older people £5,000

This funding will help Age Cymru Powys work more closely with the police, enabling officers to better identify those who may particularly vulnerable or isolated. It will help the staging of more events for vulnerable groups and increased attendance at police-led initiatives.