You can make your voice heard through my regular surveys and consultations.

They include processes I must undertake such as asking you about my annual proposal for how much you should pay for policing through the council tax. I offer a choice of response methods for these.

I will also be promoting consultations by our partners and other organisations on this page.





'LIVE CONSULTATION – Have your say on Policing Priorities and Police Funding’

This is an opportunity for you to influence two very important policing decisions – (1) the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Policing Priorities for 2021-2025, and (2) your contribution to local policing through the police precept, which you pay alongside your council tax.  

The Commissioner is keen to seek the views of residents, businesses, community groups, community representatives, partner organisations, and victims of crime on these matters, to ensure that the public are represented in his decision-making.

Please click here to complete the survey.

The Draft Police and Crime Plan is accessible here

The survey opened on the 25th October and will close on Tuesday 30th November.