As the Police and Crime Commissioner, I commission services directly from specialist providers to help prevent crime, support the vulnerable and tackle issues that are important to you. Detailed below are the service providers and partners that support my strategy.


Services for victims and witnesses
0300 1232996

Goleudy offers a personalised, emotional and practical support service to help victims, families and witnesses survive crime and make them stronger. The service is free and confidential, whether or not the crime has been reported and regardless of when it happened. Goleudy also provides a service to identify and manage the level of risk amongst victims of anti-social behaviour, to improve community safety and reduce the impact on residents of Dyfed Powys

Kaleidoscope CAIS

Drug and Alcohol Services for Powys
01686 207 111

The objective of Kaleidoscope Powys is to reduce harm caused by substance misuse to service users, people close to them and the wider community. Kaleidoscope also works to identify and engage with offenders from the time they are arrested to their sentence, and maximize the proportion of individuals who successfully complete treatment programmes.


Drug and Alcohol Services for Dyfed
03303 639 997

Operating in Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire, the aim of the Dyfed Drug and Alcohol Service is to reduce harm caused by substance misuse to service users, people close to them and the wider community. Dyfed's Drug and Alcohol Service also works to identify criminals and engage with them from the time they are arrested until their sentence, and maximize the proportion of individuals who succeed in completing treatment programmes.


Help and arbitration for missing young people
029 2023 9585

Llamau offers a debriefing, support and mediation service for children and young people who have been reported 'missing' and are at risk of sexual exploitation or victimisation, and also their families.

New Pathways

Support services for victims of sexual abuse
01685 379 310

New Pathways offers 24-hour access to crisis support for victims and ongoing support in a safe space offering first aid, safeguarding and specialist forensic and clinical care.

Dal i Godi

Dyfed-Powys IDVA service

The IDVA service addresses the safety of victims who are at high risk of harm from intimate partners, ex-partners or family members, including ensuring your safety and the safety of your children.

Once we have received a referral, we will contact you for further information and to discuss your support needs.
We will inform you of your housing rights and options and the legal process, explaining the effectiveness of criminal and civil remedies.

We can help you develop your own personal safety plan and action plan based on your specific circumstances.
Our aim is to be a single point of contact, contacting other agencies on your behalf and attending meetings and court with you.
We can also help you stay in your own home if you wish, ensuring it is safe - exploring the option of having extra security measures and will help you develop a personal security plan to help keep you safe .
IDVA will contact you in a secure way.
The IDVA will represent you at MARAC, a multi-agency risk assessment conference.
The IDVA assigned to you will complete a risk assessment with you and help develop a safety plan specific to your needs to reduce the risk of further harm to you and/or your children.
IDVAs work from a point of crisis towards independence and lives free from abuse.

Dewis Cymru

Dewis Cymru is the place to go if you want information or advice about your well-being - or want to know how you can help someone else.


Offender Diversion Scheme
01646 698820

The Dyfed-Powys Diversion Scheme aims to deal with criminal behavior much sooner during an individual's offending journey by tackling the root causes of crime and related health and community issues. Its aim is to reduce the number of victims of crime by offering a four-month program of interventions to eligible offenders rather than prosecuting them.

To read more about the Commissioner's work with People, which aims to divert low-level criminals away from the Criminal Justice System and reduce re-offending in the police area, read pages 11-12 of the Police and Crime Commissioners Association article here: "PCCs Making a Difference Alcohol and Drugs in Focus".