14 May 2019

**** CLOSING DATE HAS EXPIRED !! ****  to submit your applications for Community Projects through the Police and Crime Commissioner's Community Funding. 


Closing date for applications is 24th May 2019.  You can access the funding guidelines and application forms on the Commissioner's Website at http://www.dyfedpowys-pcc.org.uk/en/the-commissioner/commissioners-community-funding/ , or by contacting the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner by: telephone 01267 226440 / or e-mail opcc@dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk

You can find further information on the Commissioner’s Community Fund, as well as which organisations have previously received funding, on Dyfed-Powys Police’s website: http://www.dyfedpowys-pcc.org.uk/en/the-commissioner/commissioners-community-funding/

If you wish to arrange an interview with the Commissioner or his External Funding Advisor, please contact the Commissioner’s Office.

For further information on the role of the Police and Crime Commissioner, visit the website at http://www.dyfedpowys-pcc.org.uk/en/the-commissioner/role-of-the-police-crime-commissioner/